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About Bondage Zilla

Hello, my name is Al, I am an admin of this site and a huge fan and collector of bondage sex. After having surfed a lot of milf sites over the years I decided to make a comprehensive milf portal site where the visitors would find all kinds of milf porn sites like movie sites, milf picture galleries, archive of milf pornstars, honest in depth reviews of premium milf sites and a lot more. If you are a milf porn lover make sure you bookmark my site as I update it regularly with the latest and the best milf porn.

When you browse through this site you will find dedicated sections for milf porn movies and milf image galleries along with a section for hottest milf porn stars around and detailed reviews of the best milf porn sites so that you know in advance what you find inside the members area of a particular milf paysite. I launched this site a couple of years ago basically as a hobby just listing links of milf movies and pictures but I was pleasantly surprised when my site became increasingly well-liked and then I thought of adding more stuff to my site to make it a complete milf porn portal with regular updates.

BZ Reviewers:

Carl: Hi I am Carl, when I was 18 I had sex with my best friend's mom and since that day I have had a soft corner for sexy milfs. I have been analyzing xxx websites since the last three years and I specialize in reviewing milf porn sites. Rest assured I will be providing you with the close look at what's inside the milf porn sites and help you decide which sites to join and which ones to avoid.

Greg: My name is Greg and I'm the second reviewer, you can checkout my reviews by visiting the "reviews" section. I really adore mature ladies, particularly if they have seductive eyes and big tits like my favorite milf porn star Deauxma. You can count on me to show you the best milf sites around.

Rating Ceterias:

Represent the factors which have been taken in to consideration while rating..

Paysite Reviews: (The sites are reviewed on the basis of points, with 10 being the maximum.)

Overall Site Quality: This rating refers to the uniqueness of the content, standard of the movies, pictures and the quantity of the content.

Frequency of Updates: This rating refers to the regularity of the movie and picture updates on the paysite. Higher ratings are given to sites that update regularly.

Ease of Navigation: This rating refers to the overall design of the site and how surfer friendly it is. If a site is easy to navigate and the content is easily accessible it gets a higher rating.

Total/Final Rating: This rating refers to the average of all the above mentioned ratings.

Pornstars: (Pornstars are rated on the basis of points, The maximum rating given is 10 points)

Rating Method: Pornstars are rated in accordance with their fame on the internet.

Model Stats: The stats include date of birth of the pornstar, birth location, height, other names or aliases used etc.

BZ Contacts:

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